Thursday, June 26, 2008

Frederick County Broadband -- looks like Sprint EVDO it is!

I was sort of worried about broadband in New Market because I would rather die that use Comcast and it doesn't look like DSL is possible, so I guess I'll be rigging up my home grown EVDO router again. Well the fact that I'm under contract for God knows how long is certainly an incentive to stick with it, too.

BTW I actually hit 1.5/1.0 earlier which I thought was pretty amazing.


Landon Lewis said...

If you want out of your contract just download 3-5GB for 3-4 months in a row. They'll cancel you. =)

Matt Franz said...

Well if that happens, that happens. And might actually be able to get Verizon DSL after all. Although it probably won't happen unless I swap my Debian firewall out for the Ubuntu hardy one with the airprime drivers which doesn't cap me at 500Kb. :)