Friday, January 04, 2008

Yuppie Elites for Obama!

Whether or not I'm a yuppie elite, count me in!
As Hillary Clinton looks to rebound in New Hampshire, it appears one part of her strategy will be to cast Barack Obama as the favorite of yuppie elites who aren't looking for experienced leadership so much as they are wanting to ride a trend or indulge a sentiment.
I would like to not feel ill when I hear the Commander in Chief (I was enlisted) on the radio the way I did during Clinton and Bush II. If that is indulging a sentiment, sue me.

I've always wanted to know if I'm a member of the cherished Middle Class politicians alway talk about and pander to? These Middle Class folks I keep hearing about, can they be software engineers or have ever cashed in stock options or worked for Bay Area companies?

I might have been a yuppie elite when I lived in laid back Central Austin neighborhood with lots of 40-something hippie-artistic types (oh the scent of Cannabis wafting across Burnet road), but up here in Skokie on a single income, struggling to pay for overpriced housing, expensive [public] pre-schools, with a few grand in unpaid mental health bills, where I'm afraid to even drive in these old-money North Shore neighborhoods in our brand new Honda minivan. Is that "Middle Class" enough? Maybe Hill is my gal? Forgot about manufacturing, will Edwards should fight to keep my high paying security job from being outsourced to an MSSP? No, I don't want a damn thing. I just want government (and the executive branch, because Congress is a lost cause) to have the appearance of being civil and competent. That's all I ask.


Blackie said...

Obama? Might as well vote for Nader as for that sellout. Granted, Clinton does nothing for me either. All I know is, if that freakshow Huckabee gets elected president, I'm not comin' back to my own country. I'll emigrate to Canada, live in Montreal.

How's it going, Matt? Up in Illinois now, eh? How's Amelia?

Matt Franz said...

Who isn't a sellout, so I'm not sure that counts as a reason discount Obama. All a matter of degree/style. IL is what it is, but is definitely not Texas. Still in Europe?

Chris said...

I am, actually. Still in the UK after six years. I don't mean to give Obama a hard time, I'd vote for him if he wound up getting the party nom. Pretty cold where you are about now, not so much here surprisingly.