Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wow A Ruby Modbus Implementation

Since we know all the cool kids use Ruby (but the smart kids use Python) so cool kids that want to "play SCADA" can now use RModbus to bring down the power grid!

I didn't play around with this because I think the best Open Source Modbus implementation (for SCADA hacking) is Jamod which I previously with Jython but would now probably use JRuby since I'm no longer smart anymore.


Anonymous said...

Sweet, thanks for the heads up! Do you know anyone using this?

Joachim (M√ľnchen) said...

whenever possible, use modbus/tcp.

much easier than modbus/serial, no checksum coding required.

so easy that the actual implementation does not matter any more. shows how simple it actually is.

translation from Ruby into Python is left as an exercice to the reader.

- Joachim

FlipBack said...
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