Saturday, January 26, 2008

What's is it with the seniors and the newer Compaq ILOs?

It's been a crazy/busy week (hence no blogs) and all I will say is that the newer lights out management boards in HP DL-145G3's and DL-380G5's are on "my list!" I'm watching you! You piece of $*%&#! Although most of it is Java hell, to be honest.

But enough of that, the South Carolina exit polls again showed how the over 60 crowd (traditional Democrats, yuck, probably folks that liked Mondale or Dukakis) tilt for Billary. On the one hand it sort of makes me queasy to hear the Billary on the attack, but its pretty funny how on several of the Air America radio shows I listen to in traffic (Stephanie Miller) or shuttling back in forth between various buildings (Ed Shultz) are going off on the Clintons.

If these Bush-haters are so down on the Clintons, it really does seem the Democratic Party is on edge of screwing themselves over again! Only a patronizing knucklehead like Kerry or a sighing windbag like Gore could lose to Bush. It is not just the genius of Rove, but lack of creative thinking on the damn parties.

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