Tuesday, January 08, 2008

At least "Mac is Back"

Even if Obama can come from behind (still stuck at 36-39 now, damnitt!) this is a victory for Hillary. But least Romney (and Huckabee and Rudy) were defeated tonight. After all I'm just one of those goofy conservative leaning Independents are smitten by Obama and line up much more ideologically and practically (particularly in terms of Iraq) with McCain. And a party that picked Gore and Kerry (just like a party that picked W) deserves what they get.

Some of these daily dish reader responses nail it:

It's times like this when I remember that political parties, not the American public, choose the nomines. The Democrats turned out for Hillary. If they want her, they can have her. Just please God, give me McCain as the alternative. Otherwise, I'm out.


As a lifelong Democrat, come February 6th, I am rerolling (as the kids with their fancy computer games like to say) Independent. This party would rather brawl with, and lose to, the Republicans out in the schoolyard than try to come together and achieve anything loftier than keeping Roe v. Wade as good law.

Someone get me a McCain '08 sticker ... These current Dems would have nominated Adlai Stevenson over Kennedy in 1960

Although I have no idea which party affiliation I filled out a year ago when I got my driver's license up here, but I'm guessing it wasn't Dem.

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