Wednesday, August 05, 2009

CyberSpies: They are back (and we have the logs to show it!)

From Cyber attacks at U.S. energy companies.

From the Loglogic Department of Statistics

“Ever since cyberspies hacked the U.S. electrical grid earlier this year, businesses have become increasingly aware that a security breach at an energy company that results in a major blackout has the potential to wreak havoc,” said Pat Sueltz, CEO at LogLogic. “We talked to leading information security professionals in the energy sector to find out how they determine the level of risk they carry and architect their security infrastructures to fortify against both internal and external attacks.”

The study surveyed information security professionals from a broad spectrum of energy corporations and government organizations ranging from less than $99 million to more than $1 billion in annual revenue. Of the respondents, two-thirds field more than 75 serious security vulnerabilities each week, with half resolving more than 150 attacks per week.

How can someone use the phrase, "Ever since cyberspies hacked the U.S. electrical grid earlier" without cracking up?

Who doesn't have 75 severe vulnerabilities a week? 75 seems a bit low, actually?

What does "resolving 150 attacks a week" even mean?

Loglogic gets the award for this one.

(CAVEAT: Loglogic is sort of a competitor of my employer, but this has nothing to do with that)

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