Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Choose Civility?

Once in Austin we had a Great Horned Owl in the large Elm in our back yard. As I was watching it, my wife walked up behind me and scared me. We have a running joke about being scared of owls and birds of prey carrying off pets and small children. So last night during supper when I saw the flash of large wings through the side window and I rushed outside and brought our overweight Boston Terrier inside to spare her from this unknown bird of prey.

On our front lawn all of us (including Sam, our 20 mo old) watched as a large vulture tore up an unidentified creature into pieces no larger than a small child's fist.

It turned out to be a possum. I and the two oldest walked over to investigate, or as close as the flies would let us.

Then we went to Rita's to wash the taste of buzzard out of our mouth.

Choose Civility

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