Sunday, February 03, 2008

Waiting for Super Obama Ad?

So I'm guess Obama's Supposed Superbowl Ad: Join isn't going to show in IL, but look where some of the footage for this ad is shot? Yeah, that's Zilker Park. And that's the Hyatt there on the right, where I presented at in 2000 for some SBC seminar about the February DDOS attacks. That's where we (back when it was just three of us) saw Lucinda on a hot September. I'm guessing there are quite a few Obama bumperstickers in my old neighborhood. And I'm not a huge football fan but I'm pleased with the first half and of course I'm rooting for the Giants.

After watching the ad 3-4 times, what is interesting is the sense of momentum (and of a growing movement?) that it conveys in just 30 seconds. I hope this is real. There isn't that much substance to it, but for someone who is approaching 40 (and more a child of Reagan than Nixon) and only saw videos of protest marches from the 1960s, it seems to have a "60s feel" to it. And In a good way. I wonder how boomers view this ad? Do they resent Obama co-opting this imagery? Although it is upbeat, I like the deft swipe near the end:
We want something new. We want to turn the page. The world as it is, is not the world that it has to be.
Much like his platform, I do not agree with everything in the ad, but I like it anyway. This doesn't mesh with my favorite John Chambers quote from the tech crash in 2001 ("deal with the world the way it is, not the way you like it to be") but I like it anyway. I certainly do not care for the the burned out HMMV juxtaposed against privileged college kids who have not and will never don a uniform, but it is better than the sanctimonious alternative.

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