Tuesday, February 05, 2008

4 Speeches Tonight (and Kansas!)

What's up with these Home Depot's up here closing at 9:30? So I had the misfortune of catching Romney's speech on NPR on the way back. The usual Pre-Globalism cliches that might have worked in the 80s. Make America Great Again, because some country in Asia (where kids still starve and need our vegetables) might surpass us by the end of the 21st century.

Countries (or continents) that have the education level or the fortitude (my 2 weeks in China back in 2004, when we adopted my daughter, convinced me the place was on fire and a force to be reckoned with) deserve to take our jobs away, whether manufacturing or software engineering.

Deal with it! Read some Tom Peters! Go PSF!

McCain's speech was gracious and classy but expectedly mediocre.

I'm so sick of his "my friends" schtick.

No comments on Hillary (except the yellow has to go, Blondes should not wear yellow), but Obama's was amazing. He nailed it. Among the best I heard so far.

If my wife is any indication of change in traditional Democratic voters (vs. fed up Independent Republicans like myself who voted in a Democratic primary for the first time in their lives today) over the last months, the tide has turned.

Around Thanksgiving she liked the idea of Obama (and had actually read his book) but didn't think he had a chance and saw Hillary as the safe choice. And saw defeating the Republicans as the #1 goal.

But with 73% of Kansas (where I was born, actually, but hardly ever lived) for Obama?

And the national unity message continously being refined (along with softly sticking it to the Clintons).

Truly Amazing.

If California no more than a 5 point spread, how can this not be seen as an Obama victory?

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