Sunday, February 17, 2008

Industrial Defender and "The Wire"

I've been wanting to blog about Season 2 of The Wire (and Omar, one of the best characters, who is supposedly Obama's favorite character, on his favorite show) for a while, but an amusing email forward on the SCADA mailing list from Full Disclosure, called SCADA Security Corruption gives me the opportunity to blog about SCADA and my favorite TV show.

Several years back JP and I spoke at some "security day" at Rockwell Automation in Cleveland, afterwards we got lost on the way to the airport (my driving, no doubt) in some pretty scary areas that looked like The Wire. Based on that experience I don't think JP or any members of Industrial Defender are involved in any sort of illegal activity I've seen on Season 2 of The Wire including customs violations, murder, or sex slavery.

But then again, what is more accurate, google search results or HBO shows? I guess we'll never know. Maybe there is a vast conspiracy of SCADA Security Consultants, Vendors, and Researchers all plotting to not only to annihilate critical infrastructive in a single decisive blow (ordered from abroad, no doubt) and sell drugs.

This reminds me of the time I saw a message thinking that I was the one who stole the IOS source code back in 2005, after all my name was Franz, too.

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Jake Brodsky said...

Matt, I don't take unverifiable information seriously. I don't know JP at all. However, when out of the blue someone starts posting stuff like this, I have to wonder whose agenda is causing this.

Sometimes you can tell who the good guys are by watching what their enemies do.