Friday, June 15, 2007 Options For T61 (X3100/i965)

The Intel drivers in current distros (I tried Ubuntu Feisty and Debian 4.0) aren't recent enough to work on the T61, here seem to be the options (in order of preference)
  1. Build updated X drivers for an existing X install. The idea here would be to built a .deb.
  2. Use framebuffer/VESA - I was able to get an ugly 1024x768. And the console blanks out after you exit X.
  3. The latest release (7.2) appears to have support for i965. So you could build X from source.


Tom Volscho said...

I have a t61 coming at the end of the month and was going to try installing SUSE 10.2 on it. Have you tried SUSE on the T61?

Matt Franz said...

Yeah, after I got Gentoo 2007.0 installed, I remembered about SuSE. It looks like 10.2 has X7.2 so that should work too.

Michael Taylor said...

I have Suse 10.2 on a 2 day old T61 with i965 graphics 15.4 wide, final xorg 7.2 and I cannot get any sound, video (non vesa 1280x1024) or wireless. I am downloading Suse 10.3 Alpha 5 to see if that does any better. The basic problem is lspci doesn't report many chipset details, Just Intel Graphics instead of i965 graphics, so you cannot use sax2 to configure it.

Matt Franz said...

So maybe if you retrieve the latest file

Not sure if suse has lshw but I have output here with a more recent pci id file


There is also an config that worked for me on Gentoo, SuSE 10.2 and Debian Etch (which I'm running now)

BUt I have the 14.1 WXGA+