Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Next Laptop

Believe or not Hello Kitty has a dark side, so I would definitely not be ashamed to bring one of these of up to a podium at security conference although probably wouldn't appropriate if I were still a consultant. Of course my 3 year old daughter wants one and she said, "Mom will say yes or no?" Of less importance after a number of difficulties my T61 supposedly shipped today. I would have loved to get a T60, but the new models were $400-500 cheaper due to a recent sale, so I couldn't pass it up. This will be the first bleeding edge fully-Linux laptop (I may actually keep a tiny XP Pro partition on, in case I were to ever need to use WWAN card). I have only found one page on running (Debian Etch) Linux on a T61. I know already the wireless won't work. But at least it has a PC-CARD slot so I can go Aironet until the Intel 4965 cards get native (non-ndiswrapper) support.

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Anonymous said...

I haven;t looked at integrated WWAN cards in T61, but if they are based on unmodified Verizon cards, as they say, you can use Wvdial with a simple script to connect from linux.