Thursday, January 07, 2010

Some Shallow & Superficial Reasons for Picking MongoDB for your [web]app

So first got turned on to #nosql databases a little over (or under) a year ago with CouchDB but lately I've been quite enamored with MongoDB as of late.

So forgot about deep architectural reasons for using it. Here are some quite practical some practical reasons, when you are a not full-time developer (or database guru) but you find yourself doing development that involves a data store and the thought of using MySQL (so like 2000s) in your app:
  • Abhorrence for schemas, ORMs, and migrations - this is basically the laziness argument. Basically I want/need to store stuff. And the stuff I want to store might change and I don't want to have to deal with changing the schema (and my) app to adapt to those changes. This was document oriented databases like CouchDB and MySQL rule. If everything is a JSON object it finds a great place for you to store stuff.
  • Ease of Installation & Compilation -- yep CouchDB has been in the latest Ubuntu repos for a while, but I use Lenny/Hardy server side, so forget about it. Dealing with Erlang (and finding all the dependencies to build SpiderMonkey was a big pain) the ass. Beam, what the hell is beam? Mongo has 32/64 bit Linux binaries that just work and a briefly managed to get it to compile on FreeBSD 7.2. And unlike some of the others out there it doesn't require require a JRE.
  • Map/Reduce hurts my head - ease of use is one of the key differentiators between Mongo and CouchDB is that is the simplicity of queries. I'm not an expert yet, but having to create Map/Reduce functions to create views to get at your data, it was a slippery concept for me.
  • Non-HTTP Transport -- unlike CouchDB, Mongo has a binary client/server protocol and doesn't used HTTP.
There are also some really cool features like capped collection that should be useful for the app I'm working on, but these were some of the reasons why I went with Mongo. Back to coding...

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