Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hello MongoDB (Jython Style)

It has been ages since I've played around with any of the Java scripting languages so I thought I'd give Jython a spin with MongoDB. I have no idea about the performance between the pure Python vs. Java driver but it would be an interesting benchmark.

This is a very quick code snippet based on the MongoDB Java tutorial.

This was done on Ubuntu 9.10 with OpenJDK in the standard repositories and assumes the jython shell script is in your path. It also assumes the Java MongoDB driver is in your path and I was lazy so I didn't bother with CLASSPATH.

#!/usr/bin/env jython
import sys
from com.mongodb import *
print "Jython MongoDB Example"
m = Mongo("")
db = m.getDB("grid_example")

for c in db.getCollectionNames():
print c

And the output is just what you'd expect.

mfranz@karmic-t61:~/Documents/mongo$ ./
Jython MongoDB Example

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