Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Childish Things and Hand Me Downs

I really wanted to blog on our new President's comments about "putting away childish things" behind us, but I'm too tired. I woke up 4-ish again, and made the drive in at 6:15 to avoid the traffic that never came. So instead I'll post a picture of my youngest child.

Appropriate, since my wife has some new project where she is rifling through old physical photos in plastic tubs.

Slightly more than nine years ago, my oldest son wore this same snowsuit in Samara and Moscow (yes, both are in Russia) but he never got played in the snow.

We returned home with him in the 2nd week of February in 2000 to our 1st "Green House" in Austin and Spring had sprung. This snowsuit was not worn again. At three months older and barely walking, my Chinese daughter, in March of 2005, was too small to wear this snowsuit on a ski trip to Utah.

But we kept it. And I remember packing it up in June, when I was single-handedly packed our 4 bedroom house in Skokie.

Yesterday, we had the first decent snow here in New Market (but not nearly as much as when his was born) but it was enough.

My wife found the snow suit and Sam wore it.

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