Monday, November 03, 2008

CyberSecurity Change you can believe in?

From Partnering for Cyberspace Security (Washington Post, 11/3/08)

By Walter Pincus
Monday, November 3, 2008; Page A19

In two recent speeches that have attracted little notice, Donald Kerr, principal deputy director of national intelligence, has called for a radical new relationship between government and the private sector to counter what he called the "malicious activity in cyberspace [that] is a growing threat to everyone."

Kerr said the most serious challenge to the nation's economy and security is protecting the intellectual property of government and the private sector that is the basis for advancements in science and technology.

"I have a deep concern . . . that the intelligence community has still not properly aligned its response to what I would call this period of amazing innovation -- the 'technological Wild West' -- by grasping the full range of opportunities and threats that technology provides to us," he said at the annual symposium of the Association for Intelligence Officers on Oct. 24.

Wild West? I though the late 90s were the Wild West?

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