Saturday, November 15, 2008

Any Netflow probes for OpenBSD 4.4?

So I built a new OpenBSD 4.4 box on real hardware (Optiplex GX-100/128MB) so I could ensure the ratio of end hosts to forwarding devices remains less than one on my home network. The great thing about OpenBSD is they haven't touch the installer in the ten years I've used it and the network install always works like a charm assuming you don't fat finger the mirrors.

Pull down some packages, tweak the pf.conf (but forget to enable IP forwarding in sysctl.conf) fire the last system I built back in 2001 or so (K7 with 1.2GB) and then decided to add netflow. The obvious choice is pfflowd which fails to compile and ports says is broken. Spin my wheels around net/if_pfsync.c, browse the diffs. Hmmm... maybe this is harder, screw up the patch for 4.3 I find from Next (well actually I keep bouncing back and forth) try fprobe

No luck. Probably a pthreads issue, this might actually work, though?

Finally softflowd which compiles and appears to work, but for some weird reason I'm not seeing the traffic on the wire although it is definitely recording flows. Netstat shows it is has bound the sockets but not traffic is being generated. No firewall drops. Try disabling PF, nothing. Routing table fine. 


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