Thursday, November 01, 2007

OpenBSD Kernel Janitors Sound Good to Me

I must be bored because I'm reading I'm reading openbsd-misc but this kernel janitor thread was pretty classic and almost as good as the one last month when a Google recruiter propositioned Theo.

Here are some quotes although I skipped the good ones:

> > Development is not the same process as writing a whiny mail.
> that is a shame. i can probably better understand the relectance to
> re-visit this if it has failed before. perhaps, others are right,
> perhaps linux can tolerate it because it's not as good as openbsd.


> i think we'll simply agree to disagree. i personally find it quite
> disheartening to hear the attitude that prevails here but that's the
> community's decision. it certainaly seems to refelect the attitute
> of it's leaders (developers).

Consider it the voice of experience (bitter).

Its easy to tell which ones are the programmers.

They write code, then they submit it, it does not suck too much and they
take the suggestions of the current project leads. Then they resubmit
better code.

The rest of us should simply buy CD's, ask and answer the occasional
question, and other wise keep quiet.

And those weren't even the best (the one where Theo tells the n00b he has anger issues, in particular) but this Blogger word verification is pissing me off, but if you want ask some questions to the OpenBSD crowd to stir the pot, here are some ideas:
  • Ask if anyone is interested in porting dpkg/apt to OpenBSD (I actually did the former over the Xmas holidays last year)
  • Ask where the "forums" for OpenBSD are and point to the Ubuntu Forums as examples
  • Ask where the "desktop edition" of OpenBSD, you know the one with the GUI isntaller instead of this

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