Friday, November 02, 2007

Back on Ubuntu Again (on Desktop at least)

So has it only been a little under three years since I first installed Hoary Hedgehog on my T40 while I was still at Cisco? Seems like ages.

But I'm pretty pleased with Gutsy on my T-61. I did the alternative install CD and kept my /home partition (this caused some issues with XFCE and gnome settings) and compiz (which is amazingly snappy) didn't work until I checked out the hint on the Thinkwiki page. VMWare Server 1.04 installed without a hitch. Sound (after modified some perms, since it only works on the user you installed with) Flash and Java installed Fine.

Now if only I could get my kids to go to bed on time and keep my dogs from killing each other, I'd be happy.

Believe or not an 80lb lab mix and and 30lb Boston Terrier is a fair fight.

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