Monday, April 02, 2007

5 Minutes with Dell PowerConnect Firmware

So over my my old employers blog (in the comments) you'll see some whining from SCADA end users about how controller/PLC/RTU vendors don't which RTOS they use. Since this is probably not unique to the SCADA world, I figured I'd see I what I could learn in 5 minutes after downloading firmware for Dell PowerConnect switches.

strings PowerConnect_34XX_boot-10101.rfb > powerconnect.txt

Then fire up TextMate and extract the juicy bits.

Even within a strings | head you would find:

4Copyright 1984-2003 Wind River Systems, Inc.;

And more interesting...

Apr 10 2005, 10:47:25
usrRoot: MMU configuration failed, errno = %#x
Motorola MPC82xx ADS - HIP4
Motorola MPC82xx ADS - HIP7
Motorola MPC8260 ADS
FlashInit failed
motfcc(0,0)host:C:/Tornado_2_2/target/config/Carrier/vxWorks h= e= u=vxworks pw=vxworks
Out of Buffers in I2cInit(), Rx data Buffer
Out of Buffers in I2cInit(), Tx data Buffer

This is not rocket science!

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