Thursday, June 11, 2009

Are 6 cell batteries ruining Netbooks (or why you should return your Dell Mini 10)

So based on these pictures of the new Lenovo S-10-2 it looks like the S-10-2 which otherwise looks like a winner, has the same ugly, bulky, downward-extending battery as the Dell Mini-10, which my parents ended up not liking (and hopefully will be able to return)

Here are my beefs on the Dell Mini-10 (with Ubuntu) most which relate to the touchpad:
  • Given that it is Ubuntu 8.04 the Xorg (synaptics) touchpad driver is not the same as in 9.04 and it is impossible to make the touchpad usable, despite all the tweaking of the mouse settings. This may be both a software as well as a hardware issue but it is does not bode well for Linux.
  • The touch pad and mouse buttons are all-in-one. It is nearly impossible to click.

As I would expect from Dell, sloppy engineering shortcuts, both in hardware and software.

And now Lenovo only sells the S10-2 with these bulky 6-cell monsters and has the ugly shiny finish.

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