Sunday, February 15, 2009

Twitter / FredneckSec Updates

For better or worse, I'm now up to 2 twitter accounts, having created @frednecksec with the goal of trying (once again) to form a Security networking group in the Frederick area along the lines of CharmSec or NoVA Sec except for us country folks that live too far out to make it into (or stick around after work) to the DC/Baltimore area.

Yeah, so this is definitely cutting into my blogging. Apart from a regional focus I hope to tweet on stuff you won't see elsewhere on any of the twitter, even if it tends to border on the obscure.

FredneckSec was something a couple of us (unsuccessfully) tried to do last Summer but am hoping with power of twitter and some new folks I've met here in the New Market area to tried to get this rolling again real soon now.


Grant Stavely said...

A few CharmSecs were just me, and people I work with that I convinced to go. I think not missing a month helped, but really twitter has been the biggest driver. Last month there were about 10 people, and most seemed to come in pairs. I think we've got a few regulars at this point, 8 months into it. I really enjoy talking to whoever makes it out.

I grew up in smurf village in New Market. That town needs a pub (besides Mills on the Hill) , but I guess the antiques community won't allow it.

Good luck!

Matt Franz said...

Yeah funny/sad how living in New Market makes downtown Frederick seem cosmopolitan.