Sunday, August 12, 2007

Any luck ILO100 (DL145G3) on non-Windows JVM?

So HP DL145 G3's are nice, cheap (non-RAID), AMD-64 1U servers with Lights Out Management (they use the ILO100s built by ServerEngines) and the Java Applet KVM (which runs VNC or something like it) worked well on OSX, Linux, and obviously Windows for the eval hardware we had from HP. But whatever the version of only works with the JRE1.4.2-13 of Windows. Using any other JVM results in a NullPointer Exception and the message "General Exception: Optional Package Installation is Aborted"

Anyone else have luck? Oh well, guess I'll be dealing with HP support this week, wish me luck.

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Matt Franz said...

Update: our VAR didn't upgrade the firmware. If you have the latest firmware, works just fine on real OS's.