Sunday, July 01, 2007


It might be vain, but I look at my webserver logs occasionally. You never know who stumbles across your site with an interesting set of google search words. Like when searches for pages with SCADA and SIGINT in them. Which reminds me of the amusing dailydave thread on IW (the one on responsibility and power). Of course any conversation that starts with the question about who has the best hackers is bound to go nowhere, fast. It doesn't matter whether the context is the information warfare capabilities of nation states, the real or perceived regional concentration of security expertise within a large networking, security consulting companies trying to win assessments, or DoE (or Batelle, it is a business, despite the national security angle) labs hyping their "cyber" credentials to secure mo money, mo money, and get those earmarks while they still can. It's all the same. It all ends badly with someone talking out of their ass.

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