Sunday, February 25, 2007

MacBook Surprises and Non-Surprises

So before I decided (well after agonizing about it for a couple of weeks) to get MacBook I did a lot of reading and YouTube viewing so I didn't go into the purchase blindly.

But what surprised me...
- 1 GB has been usable. Having an XP or OpenBSD VM in VMWare Fusion has been decent. Haven't tried a lot of VM's but so far so good.
- Bootcamp doesn't work if you don't have a single partition. I made the mistake of creating a 2nd 20GB partition that I'd figure I'd put Ubuntu on, but no dice.
- When I did a clean install of the OS it was harder to do a stripped down (without Office/iLife Demos, etc.) than I thought. And running OSX from a LiveDVD is awful. Install took really long.
- Temperature has been no worse than my 12" PowerBook G4.
- The MagSafe power adapters are actually harder to pull out than I would have expected.
- The size is about perfect and the black matte finish feels more like a PowerBook than an iBook.
- Since the MacBook Pro 15" is so thin (and wide) I thought the MacBook's feel more durable despite the lack of the aluminum case.

What didn't surprise me...
- The keyboard is ok. Not great, just different.
- The fan is a little noisy at times.
- Yes, the case smudges pretty easily.

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