Friday, September 29, 2006

A Death in the Class of 9/11

Having grown up in an "Army family" and having served in Army Reserve (my time in service ended in January 2002, a month before a stop-loss was declared on all Reserve Military Intelligence personnel and I narrowly escaped activation in October 2001), I have been known to be emotional (occasionally irrational) on issues relating to the military and military life.

The issues raised in a recent article on the death of a 2LT Emily Perez as did the original May Time 2005 cover story on the "Class of 9/11" I read in a doctor's office are no exception.

I consider both of these "mandatory reading" for this day and age, as a reminder of the sacrifices of others and the trivial nature of most of our daily concerns and fears compared to those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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